Home Church Ministry

Patriot Baptist Church rock cross

We are a home church ministry dedicated to evangelism, and the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.
Home churches are not a new concept. Many of the churches in the Book of Acts were home based, largely as a result of persecution (sound familiar?). Even a casual glance at the news media outlets reveals that Christianity is under attack by anti-religion
special interest groups bent on the destruction of God’s church.
Benefits of Home Churches
  1. Small groups prosper closer relationships and pastoral support.
  2. Homes are NOT places of public access, making disruption more difficult for outside special interest groups.
  3. Families of small churches grow closer and are more responsive in times of need.
Our Home Church
  1. We believe that God knows no race other than the “Human Race”. Therefore we welcome ALL God’s people.
  2. We are casual and unpretentious, yet ask members and visitors to dress conservatively.
  3. We use the King James Bible at PBC.
Since services are held in Pastor’s home, Since services are held in Pastor’s home, attendance is by invitation only. Please call us at (505) 379-7467 for your invitation.